The history of the hotel

I'd like to tell you a little about the history of our 2-star U Pozzu hotel, located between Macinaggio and Bastia, the main town in Haute-Corse.

La Marine de Sisco is a place situated on the coast of a rich green valley, ideal for family holidays with its pebble beach and its small port which serves as a coastal shelter with a nautical diving centre.

An urban bus service provides transport from Bastia to Sisco all year round at an extremely affordable price (ask the Cap Corse tourist office for the timetable or the Bastia tourist office). 

Originally, our restaurant, which has been renowned since 1966 and is close to the beach, has evolved approximately every decade.

Since 2020, it is a 2-star hotel that offers 14 comfortable rooms for your family holidays, some of which have a sea view.

The first few decades saw a move of a few metres to build our establishment, which until then had operated within the walls of our ancestors.

Then there was the decade of bed and breakfast and rental studios, a famous discotheque, the "Bimbo", then the family hotel and finally the 2 star hotel which offers 14 comfortable rooms since 1995.

The Cap Corse is a region that has the particularity of having properties and gardens built in "terraces". This is thanks to its geology which has made it so charming.

Our 2-star rooms have been equipped to ensure you have a great stay, and the rates have been carefully studied. With family or friends, there's something for everyone. Single, double, triple and even quadruple rooms. Free private parking is available subject to availability. On our website, you will easily find the online booking where you can reserve your nights.

Several rooms open directly onto the terrace and some have a shared terrace.

For the hotel part, I invite you to discover our natural garden terrace where it is good to refresh yourself after the beach. You can enjoy the starry nights for a moment of relaxation.This is a great place to relax and enjoy the greenery.

On the ground floor of the hotel, in summer, you will be delighted to have your breakfast under the trellis. In the room, an all-you-can-eat buffet is laid out for you. For a very reasonable price, we offer you canestrelli (Corsican biscuits) and other local sweets, home-made jams with lemon, orange, citron or other flavours, depending on the year's production. 

In the evening, at aperitif time, if you order it, it will be possible to taste an AOC wine, for example, or a Corsican cape or a muscat wine, a local speciality. Our catering truck at the foot of the hotel will offer you a tasting platter or any other house speciality. Near the hotel, you will find several shops, restaurants, a café, a bakery, a post office, a beauty salon, a butcher's shop, and in the centre of the village, breeders and producers of charcuterie, honey, cakes...

Since 2022, the acquisition of the former Hotel Giuseppi just across the road, the "Domaine U Pozzu" * which extends to the beach where the view is heavenly and unique in the Cap Corse with its remarkable pine forest of umbrella pines and its garden with indescribable charm to the essences of the maquis. 

This former post office, which over the years had succeeded in developing tourism for families on holiday who booked from one year to the next and who were on full board for a month. These tourists came from all over France and especially from Paris. La Marine de Sisco was already at the forefront of tourism with this establishment which saw the meeting of my mother Simone, who came on holiday with her parents, and my father Dominique, a child of the village.

It is a beautiful love story.

If they have sadly left us. Today, they would surely have been very proud. 

We have been specialising in weddings, groups and events of all kinds for a number of years, both locally and throughout the surrounding region.

And now we are offering you an exceptional place.

Our new Domaine U Pozzu offers you flats with a breathtaking sea view for a family stay by the sea.

By clicking on the link of Domaine U Pozzu* you will find the available dates, photos, all the details, and all the prices.

Whether it's a short stroll along the beach at sunrise with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan islands of CapraÏa, Elba or Monte Cristo (on a clear day), or a longer hike (for the experts) to the Col de Saint Jean with a view of the other side of Cap Corse, on the western side, you'll be amazed to see the view stretching as far as the Gulf of Saint Florent, the Agriates desert (another customs path to discover).

For the more dreamy, there are many walks or bike rides and sometimes horse rides and always for the whole family with different panoramic views.

For those of you who are beach lovers, you are spoilt for choice. Either by crossing the road and walking 2 minutes to the pebble and sandy beach, or by 4 km from our hotel on the Cap Corse road, you'll find the beautiful sandy beach of Pietracorbara at the foot of Castelare and the tower spread across Puglia. If you take the car, you'll find Santa Maria beach further north of Cap Corse, and Barcaggio beach at the northernmost point, facing the protected island of Giraglia.

If you are curious about our Corsican heritage during your holiday in our village, the visits will not fail to dazzle you.

 You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to planning visits to our beautiful valley of 18 hamlets. 

On the way down from the Col de Saint-Jean is the famous Roman chapel of Saint Michel du XI century and a little lower down the house of the Americans.

The parish church of Saint Martin de Tour next to the town hall with its relics of Saint Catherine.

Sainte-Catherine and its manor house on the east coast of Sisco (best reached by car).

As you pass through the hamlets, you will discover a rich agro-pastoral heritage, testimony to the activities of the past. Threshing floors, water mills, Genoese bridges, wash houses, chapels...

Sisco, which was famous for its onion cultivation and dairy farms.

Today, onion growing is making a comeback, but there are also beekeepers selling their AOC village honey and shepherds making excellent goat's and sheep's cheese. This is also the case all around Cap Corse, whether in Canari, Olcani, Macinaggio, Centuri, etc.

Once you have visited our charming valley, and to extend the day, why not take a moment for a show in Brando? 

Erbalunga and its festivals, in the immediate vicinity of our hotel, 5 km away, in its green theatre, offers you throughout the summer shows and artists of international renown (see the agenda of the Cap Corse tourist office or Destination Cap Corse). 

2 spas of your choice are located within minutes of our hotel.